"Stacey was a presenter at the York University Career Centre's Classrooms to Careers series this year, and it was an absolute pleasure to have her.  Stacey is an excellent presenter - she is engaging, warm, has a sense of humour, and is highly knowledgeable.  During her presentation about informational interviewing, Stacey shared advice with our students that was practical and tailored to the audience. She was encouraging, and provided inspiring examples from her own experience.  We're so grateful for her important contribution to our event!"  

Liz Cook , Employer & Alumni Liaison 
Career Centre, York University 

"I've had the pleasure of sitting in one of Stacey's presentations that she gave for the Dean's Circle of Student Scholars Alumni Speakers event held at York University. She was very energetic and kept the audience engaged throughout the entire presentation. Her enthusiasm allowed me to see the passion she has for what she does. I particularly liked how she tailored her talk in a way as to appeal to the interests of her audience. I got more out of this presentation than I had hoped for."

Halime Celik
Law and Society Student at York University

"Stacey has the innate ability to connect with people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Her workshops on public speaking and networking were frequently requested and gave women the courage to use their voices to speak up on the issues that affected their personal lives. Sometimes women were pushed beyond their comfort zone; but Stacey was able to support them with guidance.  Always the professional, Stacey has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  You can tell in her presentations the hard work, research and care that she puts into her workshops. As well as being from the community she has served, Stacey is a personal inspiration to myself, and to the women whose lives she has touched."

Shauna-Marie Benn
Program Facilitator

"The Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars Lecture Series 2014-2015" was one of the best lectures I have attended because of alumni- Guest speaker, Stacey Berry. Her knowledge on effective networking has given me the confidence to successfully participate in job fairs, speak to professionals and learn from the best. I learned how to find my passion and pursue my career goals because of Stacey’s intellectual philosophy and mentorship. I am truly inspired to get involved with and engage my local community."

Krystal Jokhu
Health Policy Student at York University

"Stacey delivered her workshop on Public Speaking for the Malvern Youth Cabinet.  Stacey created a space for the youth that allowed them to tap into their  aspirations. Through Stacey's approachability and openness to share personal stories about starting her own business, youth felt comfortable to speak and ask questions.  The group activity encouraged each youth to speak among their peers and found the workshop useful for professional development. Stacey caters her sessions very well to the groups she serves.  The youth were delighted to have her join us. Thank you BStellar Consulting Group!"

Alyssa Jones
Malvern Youth Cabinet Coordinator, Youth Centre